ENGLISH CHINESE Talking Translator - LD7900
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ENGLISH/CHINESE Translator, CHINESE/ENGLISH Translator, ENGLISH/ENGLISH Longman, CHINESE/CHINESE Translator, English Mandarin Cantonese Pronunciation/Speech DICTIONARY: English-Chinese Dictionary Chinese-English Dictionary English-English Dictionary Chinese-Chinese Dictionary Proverb, Sentence Repository, Vocabulary, Conversation, Users Dictionary, Chinese Inquiry, Revision Test over 500,000 words, 2000 Commonly used phrases... Eight Chinese character input methods: Kanji (Chinese), Simple, Mandarin, Strokes etc.. (include pinyin). Advanced world recognition, Spell checker, Irregular verbs, New word recording function, American idioms, Instant reverse translation, ORGANIZER: 64K Organizer, Telephone Directory, Memo, Scheduler, Schedule, Local and World Time, Calendar, To Do list, Personal Information, CALCULATOR: Scientific Calculator, Currency, Metric & Unit Conversion, Loan Interest, Loan-Bidding Scheme, Financial Management... OTHERS: Reference, Games, Brief Of Functions, PC SYNC, Date Deletion, Display Setting, Memory Check, System Setting.... External jack for AC/DC, PC link Jack, Headphones Jack, AAA batteries, Size (mm) 140x88x19.5, (in) 5.8"x3.6"x0.8"