VIETNAMESE-ENGLISH Electronic Translator - GD-310V
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Handheld Voice Speaking Digital Talking Pocket Electronic Translator Dictionary Computer organizer Voice ENGLISH VIETNAMESE & vice versa! ENGLISH & VIETNAMESE Pronunciation Human Voice Vietnamese & English pronunciation L&H Quality Speech System in English pronunciation Over 3.000.000 English<=>Vietnamese words & phrases American Heritage English to English dictionary Chinese to English & English to Chinese dictionaries 256K Electronic organizer / Display 240 x 80 / 9 categories of Professional Dictionary / 22 categories of Practical Dictionary Built-in English/Vietnamese conversation / English example phrases and Vietnamese idiom. User's Dictionary and Revision Test / Comprehensive Reference information: Travel Guide, Mathematical Formulae / Common English Name / Size Equivalent / Voltage & Frequency and Country Codes./ USA Citizen Test / Game / PC connection jack & Communication software: software included in the package (cable needs to be ordered separately) allow high-speed data communications (not f or translation purpose; but for backing up your personal data) between GD300V and your computer External power jack for non-battery operation; AAA batteries, Size (mm) 145x95x15, (in) 6"x4"x0.6", Both English and Vietnamese user manuals are included in the package One-year manufacture warranty.