ARABIC ENGLISH FRENCH Hand-Held Digital Talking Organizer
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1/ ENGLISH ARABIC 2/ ENGLISH FRENCH 3/ ARABIC FRENCH over words Pronounces ENGLISH and FRENCH words out loud in HUMAN VOICE Thousands of pronounced sentences cover all conversations of daily life.... DICTIONARIES: It contains two comprehensive linked Dictionaries: English-Arabic, Arabic- English. English-French Harrap dictionary. Arabic-French from Atlas French concise dictionary. Plus Users dictionary. LANGUAGE: The language center includes: A variety of the most used vocabulary in the English Language, plus categorized Dialogs for easy access. It also includes synonyms and antonyms. In addition to famous Proverbs. GRAMMAR: It contains a comprehensive English Grammar center that covers 31 major titles & over 300 subtitles of grammatical issues explained in English & Arabic such as: Verbs, nouns, plural, Irregular verbs, Irregular plural nouns, and Phrasal verbs. French verbs conjugations almost 8000 verbs. It also contains 1800 question, to prepare the user for international language exams such as the TOEFL. INFORMATION: It includes information about Chemical Elements sorted by atomic number, symbol or name. In addition to Roman Numerals. ORGANIZER: It includes important centers that help the user organize schedules, time and personal data such as: Telephone, Memo, Schedule, Anniversaries, Class Schedule, Calendar and Personal Information. CALCULATIONS: It contains a Scientific calculator GAMES: It contains a variety of different games:18 interesting and famous games. SETUP: Data Bank, Data Deletion,Greeting Message. PACKAGE INCLUDES: Electronic Dictionary Machine, Batteries, Case (leather), 1 year warranty card, Feedback card, User Manual.