EuroDict XP Italian-Bulgarian and Bulgarian-Italian dictionary PRO
Manufacturer Gaberoff, KoralSoft
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The present version contains Italian-Bulgarian resources comprising 40 000 words in entries and phrases taken from the best-selling dictionary compiled by Sava Slavchev (first edition, revised and reset, dated 2002 by GABEROFF ) and Bulgarian-Italian resources comprising 40 000 words in entries and phrases by Sava Slavchev and Neda Boydjieva, (first GABEROFF edition, dated 2002).

EuroDict PRO contains limited number of words in train-lists that users cannot change. Pronunciation and training methods are active only for words included in the short-lists.

Eurodict XP pro is priced version of all dictionaries. The Pro versions contain dictionary databases with guaranteed quality of licensed publishers. Eurodict XP is a state-of-the-art computer dictionary using minimum system resources and using simple, intuitive interface, while offering to users a spectacular number of options to choose from. The executive module is free-of-charge and can operate all versions of dictionaries. Downloadable versions are offered mostly for our clients outside the territory of Bulgarian and can be purchased with credit cards transfers only. Our CD versions have the same price as the downloadable versions and may be purchased anywhere in Bulgaria where we have distributors and sellers.