EuroDict XP Turkish-Bulgarian and Bulgarian-Turkish dictionary TALKING
Manufacturer Gaberoff, KoralSoft
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Available settings capacities allow anyone to adjust the product for most comfortable and practical way of usage. Users may choose between standard translation and interpreting through a small window, which appears and hides discretely for indicated periods. Our product offers search options both for whole words and by group of characters. In addition to known learning methods, a new one for memorization has been added. Users may create their own language or encyclopedic dictionaries, as well as to add new custom words to existing dictionaries. User-created words are stored in separate file in order to provide mobility and flexibility of user defined content. The dictionaries contain a translation of numbers into seven languages an excellent tool when studying foreign language.

Turkish-Bulgarian and Bulgarian-Turkish dictionary contains database of 40000 words in distinctive articles and expressions (by: Liliana Dimitrova). In this version all Turkish words can be pronounced and all methods for learning are fully operative.