We speak Bulgarian
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"We Speak" is a new method for language education. A new conception for foreign language learning is used. Interactive multimedia means influence on the sensor system of the educated person. For memorizing through training of the will for the perceiving of the aural, visual and motor impressions, the newest computer methods are used.

"We Speak" is capable of automatically creating an individual learning plan for every student, based on his or her scores on the tests in the program.

"We Speak" is eased and relieved from useless theoretical heaviness and academic cliches. The material is expressed intelligibly and naturally and it is addressed to a broad circle of users who would like to learn the language on their own. In this software are included approximately 5500 most used in the daily round words and phrases.

System Requirements:
Operation System: Windows 95/NT compatible
Processor: PC Pentium
RAM: 16MB (24 MB recommended)
Free HDD space: 5MB
Videocard: 800x600 VGA
CD-ROM, soundcard,
speakers, mouse